ABC Sing-a-Long

ABC Sing-a-Long
Item# 978-0-8059-6473-8

by Gloria Seymour

Are you looking for a new, simple, and effective way to teach your child the alphabet? Many studies show that children retain more information when it is presented in multiple media. Gloria Seymourís ABC Sing-a-long combines sight with sound, using pictures of the letters and relating ideas with music and rhyme, to speed your childís learning and enhance his or her retention of information.


Gloria Seymour was inspired to write ABC Sing-a-long by her love for children, especially for those with exceptional needs. She has a masterís degree in early childhood education and teaches kindergarten in her hometown of Chicago. She is very active in professional and community organizations that serve others: the National Association of Downís Syndrome, the Adult Down Syndrome Clinic, Special Olympics, and the Chicago Park District Special Recreation Parentís Club.

In her spare time, Gloria Seymour likes to write songs and chants for young children, participate in arts and crafts, sew, and help mentally challenged children and adults.

(2004, saddlewire, 16 pages)

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ABC Sing-a-Long [E-book edition]
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