Adventures with Herman and Cubby

Adventures with Herman and Cubby
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Adventures with Herman and Cubby
by Casey M. Payne

For Cubby, even mowing the lawn is an invitation to tomfoolery. Good thing he’s got his best friend, Herman, around to keep him straight. On the eve of their big fishing trip, the best buddies do their darndest to stay out of trouble. But even getting to the ol’ fishin’ hole before dawn turns out to be an adventure full of strange voices and surprise moonlight encounters. And when they finally sink their lines they get their biggest surprise: Cubby’s Big Fish stories just may be true!

This tale flows with boyhood sentiment thick and sweet as molasses. Dive into a simpler time when all a boy needed to grow up were his best friends, his fishing pole, and a strong grip—because at Herman and Cubby’s lake, you might get more than you bargained for!

About the Author

Casey M. Payne has lived nearly his whole life in Stephens County, Georgia, where he fishes for trout, goes four-wheeling, rides his Harley, plays family baseball games with his wife, daughter, and son, and trades tales of bygone days with old friends.

(2010, paperback, 36 pages)


Adventures with Herman and Cubby (PDF ebook)
Adventures with Herman and Cubby (PDF ebook)

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