Come Live with Me and the Colonel

Come Live with Me and the Colonel
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Come Live with Me and the Colonel
by Adeline Sunday

During World War II, an army of competent, dedicated young women occupied Washington, D.C., working for the government in Civil Service jobs. Among them was Adeline Sunday, who had the extraordinary good fortune of being assigned to one Colonel Robert Allen. Colonel Allen was the journalist who before the war had originated the “Washington Merry-Go-Round” newspaper feature later taken over by Drew Pearson.

Adeline Sunday’s association with the Colonel was to last thirty-five years, until the Colonel’s death. Just before that time, the widowed Colonel and the “secretary, and then some” quietly married. Now she presents a look at his human side, along with the credit he merited.

About the Author

“My life is an open book,” says Adeline Sunday, “with no hidden secrets.” Growing up in West Virginia and Florida, she came to Washington, D.C., to find “more than a college education working for the Colonel.” In Come Live with Me and the Colonel, Adeline Sunday gives a full rendition of almost a century’s worth of memories, from singing on the radio and nightclubs to choir work and “working for a workaholic.” Along the way, her family and her dogs and cats kept her busy.

(2009, paperback, 200 pages)


Come Live with Me and the Colonel (e-book)
Come Live with Me and the Colonel (e-book)

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