Dream Daze

Dream Daze
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Dream Daze
by DeVal Richardson

Poems and prose: the fantasies of life, the realities of living.

Here’s a look at the slightly sunnier side of life, as seen by a man who’s experienced the darker side, too:

I enter into
Love blind, not
Knowing its outcome. Armed
With instinct, a warrior’s
Heart, how was I
To know my adversary
Entered the same love
With eyes wide open?

Deliver me to Pike’s Peak. There’s
A spirit there I
Haven’t seen in

About the Author

Born in Marion, South Carolina, DeVal Richardson has had some years of junior college—three years at Neilson’s—as well as attending Florence Darlington Tech and Midlands Tech. Richardson still lives in South Carolina, in West Columbia. His disability allows him time to devote to his church and to cooking, art, and music.

Over twenty years ago, DeVal Richardson started writing for therapeutic reasons. The more he wrote, the more he enjoyed it—and he hasn’t stopped since.

(2010, paperback, 60 pages)


Dream Daze (PDF ebook)
Dream Daze (PDF ebook)

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