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by Peter Handford

In 1954, when Peter Handford was five years old, he moved to Egypt with his parents and older brother. Sixty years later, he has crafted an epic poem in thirty-three episodes ruminating on his experience and its influence in his thinking and life. Drawing from a classical education and a world travelers perspective, Handford takes the reader down the winding road of imagination, allowing language to unfurl in unexpected ways. Egypt, like all great odysseys, will challenge the adventurous reader to rethink passion, culture, life, and death. Pack your bags and enjoy the journey.

About the Author:

Peter Handford was born in 1949 in Providence, Rhode Island. He has lived in numerous U.S. states as well as in Egypt and Great Britain. He studied the classics and English at Kenyon College in Ohio, Haverford College in Pennsylvania, and the University of Oxford. He has worked as a financier, educator, archival clerk, and library assistant. He writes poems, fiction, plays, and essays. He currently resides in Maryland.

(2015, Hardcover, 92 pages)