Failure Is An Option

Failure Is An Option
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Failure Is An Option
by Susan Silverthorn

You don't know what you can do until you try, no matter who tells you “you can't.”In the case of Susan Silverthorn, she spent a large part of her young life hearing she would not amount to anything. Handicapped by difficulty in speaking and bedwetting, she grew up with a bad case of low self-esteem.

Yet passing through school and acquiring a medical technician course would prove to change her life. Crediting her own courage to take a chance, she found on her own that she was not the stupid kid she was brought up and made to believe herself.Susan’s life is a lesson for those like her, as well as for parents to encourage, bless, and reward their kids even if they believe their children are not capable of learning new things.

About the Author

A Licensed Vocational/Practical Nurse preparing for Registered Nurse, Susan Silverthorn lives in Huntsville, Texas. She started her medical career with an Emergency Medical Technician course, which she credits for changing her life. Susan is married to Steve, a correctional officer. Her hobbies are singing, playing the piano, sewing, reading, and writing. She is also involved in music ministry.

(2013, Paperback, 70 pages)


Failure Is An Option E-Book
Failure Is An Option E-Book

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