The Fateful Tear

The Fateful Tear
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The Fateful Tear
by Gilbert Becker

In the distant past, two kingdoms hold the plains beneath high mountains. A pristine river flows between them. In the mountains resides a god with great power, in the river, a beautiful sprite.

Peace reigns. The god watches over and protects the beautiful sprite. But something turns one kingdom against the other and unceasing warfare begins. The bitter tears for the fallen flood into the river. When the sprite appeals to the god, those tears are changed to pearls. But from this, unwittingly, the sprite is undone, with grim consequences for the two kingdoms and all those who wish for peace.

About the Author

Gilbert Becker likes studying languages, reading (mostly history), and bicycling.

(2014, Paperback, 30 pages)


The Fateful Tear E-Book
The Fateful Tear E-Book

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