The Field Trip

The Field Trip
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The Field Trip
Tom Layton

At the Green Coat School, Mr. Richman hates his students, and his students hate him. They play pranks on him, and he makes them perform meaningless tasks as punishment, providing little support for students who do not seem to want it. Conflicts persist between the teacher and students; and Mr. Richman formulates a continued plan as the ultimate punishment for his students. However, his students persist in concocting a situation that gets the teacher fired, but Mr. Richman's plan goes into effect by the unaware action of his replacement. The students of Green Coat School will encounter an adventure far more exciting than a history lesson that threatens not only their freedom but also their lives.

Tom Layton, in The Field Trip, gives readers a detailed glance at nineteenth-century England as he takes them for an adventure on the high seas that includes kidnapping, slavery, and an attempted mutiny. Learn about history while following the adventures of these students and their villainous teacher!

About the Author

Originally from Anaconda, Montana, Tom Layton is now retired and living in Simi Valley, California. He was inspired to write this novel when he took his sixth grade class on a field trip to see Nineteenth-Century sailing ships at Ventura Harbor.

(2009, paperback, 104 pages)


The Field Tip (e-book)
The Field Tip (e-book)

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