The Hand of a Flower: Anthology

The Hand of a Flower: Anthology
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The Hand of a Flower: Anthology
by Bonani Bonny Monnye

The Hand of a Flower: Anthology is an expression of emotions, reflections, and realizations woven in lines of poetry. Drawing upon her past observations and experiences, author Bonani Bonny Monnye’s poems address numerous issues, including loss, low self-esteem, abuse, and poverty, and how these issues that affect people worldwide. Written as a window into how individuals react and respond to these situations throughout their lives, Bonani’s poetry is relatable and inspiring to readers.

About the Author:

Bonani Bonny Monnye is a Supplies Officer in the Botswana Police Service and an award-winning poet. She began writing poetry in 2005 when she was a senior in secondary school. In addition to her work with the Botswana Police Service, Bonani enjoys wedding planning and arts and crafts, specifically making gift baskets and flower decorations for social events, as well as badminton and table tennis.

(2016, Paperback, 30 pages)


The Hand of a Flower: Anthology (e-book)
The Hand of a Flower: Anthology (e-book)

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