Huntin' with Gus

Huntin' with Gus
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Huntin’ with Gus
by Larry A. Clifford Sr.

Told as a collection of childhood stories, Huntin’ with Gus reflects on the lessons learned through one boy’s journey to manhood. Hunting, fishing, and nature experiences result in morals and life lessons learned, and all of these lead the young man closer to appreciating his relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Additionally, he begins to see the true meaning of life— to find and establish a working relationship with the Lord— and the things that are most important on this Earth.

The novel recounts the dreams, beliefs, and goals of a small-town boy as he finds himself in situations that test his understanding of the world around him. Although some of them are quite humorous, like the tale of an almost-hunting accident, each holds a truth that conveys an understanding and maturation that comes with age. With southern wit and recipes sprinkled in for good measure, Huntin’ with Gus warms the heart and the soul.

About the Author:

Born in Arkansas, Larry A. Clifford Sr. was raised by loving parents as a Southern Baptist. Once he graduated from high school, he served in Vietnam as a Quartermaster for the United States Navy. After his service, he pursued his love of biology at Arkansas State University, which led to a long and fulfilling career with Arkansas State Parks. He has proudly served in the Green County Jail Ministry, spreading the Word and his love for the study of the Holy Bible. To this day, he continues to inspire others with his dedication to the Lord.

(2017, Paperback, 130 pages)


Huntin' with Gus [EBOOK]
Huntin' with Gus [EBOOK]

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