It's Just a Story

It's Just a Story
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It's Just a Story
by Allen J. Johnson

Vera and Juanita love their grandfather's stories. Tonight, they are treated to a story of gore as Grandpawpaw describe how the entire Picard family--their very own family--are almost entirely decimated by a scheming member of their family.

The dark, macabre tale starts with a bear attack against Grandpawpaw, who barely manages to save his last breath. Sarah Browne is next, as the bear relishes destroying her face and body as payment for being an unfaithful wife. Next is Debra, who manages to lose her head, literally, down the stairs. So the list goes on. In the end, the story will have Grandpawpaw has the last word, of course.

However, things start to get real chilly when the bushes outside signal a steering from withinů.

About the Author

Allen J. Johnson is native of Louisiana, where still lived in the same community he has grown up in. He has been married for more than thirty years to his wife, Janice, whose teddy bear collection of teddy bears inspired this book.

(2013, paperback, 30 pages)


It's Just a Story (eBook)
It's Just a Story (eBook)

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