Jimmy's Adventures: "I'm Bored" & "Mr. Gray Bat"

Jimmy's Adventures: "I'm Bored" & "Mr. Gray Bat"
Item# 978-0-8059-7494-2

by Marie Sagar

Jimmy’s Adventures contains two delightful children’s tales that ignite the fantasy of the readers when Jimmy, a little boy, talks with animals. In “I’m Bored,” Jimmy learns that there is no such thing as being bored when there’s an entire engaging world to explore outside. Then when a bat suddenly sneaks in Jimmy’s home in “Mr. Gray Bat,” Jimmy learns tolerance for animals, even if they are as scary as a screeching bat!

These wonderful tales will provide great amusement as well as teach children the value of self-entertainment and tolerance.


Marie Sagar, a native of New York, is widowed and has two children – Jimmy and John (both married). In addition to writing, Marie enjoys gardening, walking, music, knitting, and cooking. Her grandchildren inspired her to write Jimmy’s Adventures.

(2007, saddlewire, 20 pages)


Jimmy's Adventures: "I'm Bored" & "Mr. Gray Bat" [E-book edition]
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