Journeys of Hope and Reality

Journeys of Hope and Reality
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Journeys of Hope and Reality
by Russell C. Notar

In Journeys of Hope and Reality: A Memoir, author Russell C. Notarís international work experiences on behalf of cooperatives, gives readers an in-depth look at world events which took place in the 1990ís. Through his experiences, he gained a new perspective on what is really important in life-assisting those who need support and assistance.

About the Author:

Notar became Executive Vice-President of the Credit Union National Association, which continued his commitment to introducing cooperative financial assistance in the United States and overseas. Later, he was named President & CEO of the National Cooperative Business Association and Cooperative Business International, a trade subsidiary. He traveled extensively, assisting in the development of cooperatives throughout the world.

Notar resides with his wife, Ellen, in Lewes, Delaware.

(2017, Paperback, 100 pages)


Journeys of Hope and Reality
Journeys of Hope and Reality

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