The Life of a Software Developer

The Life of a Software Developer
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The Life of a Software Developer
by Anthony Herda

Before there was Windows or Mac OS, or even DOS and the iOS, there was the Pack and the TAP. And in the 1960s, nobody has heard of Microsoft or Apple. Even IBM has yet to release the first mass produced PCs that would make history. In their stead were GE systems and Honeywell Information Company and such esoteric computer technologies as punch card file systems. Welcome to software development in the pre-PC era.

Amidst all these nascent computer era, Anthony Herda, military service veteran and now official software programmer for the aforementioned GE and Honeywell information systems, throws in tales of his adventures in the golf course as a caddie for good measure. Who among the current crop of high-paying, high profile software developers could afford such a varied life?

Not only that, in The Life of a Software Designer, Anthony also manages to include a long running mystery in the affairs of his family.

About the Author

A native of New Jersey, USA, Anthony Herda is one of the pioneers in the field of software programming, fascinated early on by the emerging field right after his stint in the military. He secured an undergraduate computer science degree at the Merrimack College in Massachusetts, along with an MBA at the Riviera College in Nashua, New Hampshire.

(2013, paperback, 42 pages)


The Life of a Software Developer (eBook)
The Life of a Software Developer (eBook)

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