LIFE: You Can Escape

LIFE: You Can Escape
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LIFE: You Can Escape
by Ophelia Smith

After losing her mother as a toddler, Ophelia Smith was raised by her older sister in extreme poverty on Chicago’s South Side. Enduring winters without heat or running water, constant hunger, and motherhood at eighteen, Ophelia never lost hope. Her faith in God and in her own abilities, as well as her unshakeable optimism, ambition, and desire to learn, propelled her out of poverty and into a successful life as a business owner, educator, and mentor.

LIFE: You Can Escape is an uplifting account of Ophelia’s determination to seize every available opportunity in pursuit of her vision of escape from a hopeless life. Ophelia’s story is an inspiration to the downtrodden, proving that with motivation, hard work, and a positive outlook, we can achieve anything.

About the Author

Ophelia Smith was born and raised on the south side of Chicago, Illinois. She completed her academic and vocational education in Chicago. She has an adult son, Frank, and two beautiful granddaughters (Amaya Raye, age six, and Kamryn Elaine, age four). She grew up extremely poor but managed to escape the clutches of poverty through drive and determination. She’s the owner and general manager of O&S Builders and broker/owner of OGS Realty & Associates, where she enjoys helping individuals accomplish one of their biggest dreams: owning a home. Before her endeavors in the real estate market, she worked in the corporate arena of Chicago for approximately twenty years in administration and management.

Ophelia is an “imparter,” always eager to impart what she has learned to someone else and enthusiastic about growing and learning herself. She’s had the opportunity to mentor, encourage, and motivate teenagers and adults alike, instilling in them hope when all seems hopeless. She lives by the motto “Change what you can change. The things you can’t change leave alone. Let go and let God.”

Ophelia has an intimate love for God and for His people. She also loves Latin dancing, motorcycling, horseback riding, and just having fun.

(2010, paperback, 30 pages)


LIFE: You Can Escape (PDF ebook)
LIFE: You Can Escape (PDF ebook)

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