Look Forward to Your Miracles

Look Forward to Your Miracles
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Look Forward to Your Miracles
by Trisha Ochsner

To believe in God is to believe in miracles.

The author, granted with optimism, is able to realize the many, little miracles that have taken place in her life. During times of great need, help would be there all of a sudden. But she said that every person, in order to see miracles in his or her life, must always listen to that “still small voice” speaking every day—the voice coming from the savior, telling us to be a blessing to others.

Coming in eighteen short chapters, the author tells the incredible stories of her life that reveal some sort of miracles that would have otherwise been impossible without her belief . . . stories about surviving, succeeding, finding.

Look Forward to Your Miracles, by Trisha Ochsner, shares personal stories of how her belief in God and his miracles brought changes—and positive, unexpected outcomes—in her life.

Write a miracle book? This was my question that was followed by a simple thought, over a decade ago. I have always questioned my thoughts and feelings. Even with a prayer at times. This thought would not leave me. I tried to excuse it as just being a strange or an off the wall thought or feeling. However my mind and my heart would not let me forget it. Since then, I was having more challenges in my life, than I thought I could handle. I lost my mother, my best friend, to breast cancer, my father to a heart attack, one sister to heart disease, and just this year I lost another sister to melanoma cancer. Between the passings of my two sisters I almost lost my own life from a mosquito bite which gave me the West Nile Virus/Spinal Meningitis. I was fighting for my life, looking forward, was all I could do to keep my faith. It seemed during these challenging times I began to see the miracles of my life and began to see how important we are to one another, and how important our thoughts are. We are constantly being prompted to give of our love and to share our talents with others.

We are simply a thought, or a deed from being a miracle in someone’s life; “Look Forward to Your Miracles” is an uplifting, inspiring little book, I know you will love reading it and sharing it with others!

About the Author

Trisha Ochsner was born in Arizona and has been a resident all of her life. She enjoys giving service to others; she is a volunteer with hospice and helps in her community as much as she can. One of the best things she likes is hearing and sharing stories with others, even those she does not know yet. When not serving, she stays outdoors, in the garden, or in the mountains with her family, for these are the places she feels closer to the spirit.

(2013, Paperback, 48 pages)


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