Memoirs of a Mistress

Memoirs of a Mistress
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Memoirs of a Mistress
by Elaine Holmes

When is love worth taking a chance for?

She glanced up and saw a tall and handsome man, and from that very first wink he gave her, she knew her life would never be the same. Her loveless marriage to an alcoholic and womanizer drove Elaine to the arms of Tim.

Even Timís own marriage could not stop their relationship from flourishing. Memoirs of a Mistress details how Elaine comes to terms with being a mistress, her passionate yet volatile relationship with Tim, her journey from mistress to wifeóand, most importantly, the choices she made in the name of love.

Elaine Holmes presently lives in Indianapolis, Indiana. She is married, with two children named Amandula and Dawna. Having studied psychology at Laramie County Community College, she is naturally interested in studying people; her other interest is writing. Listening to other womenís stories about their relationship led her to write her first book, Memoirs of a Mistress.

(2013, paperback, 30 pages)


Memoirs of a Mistress (eBook)
Memoirs of a Mistress (eBook)

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