A Miracle in the Hand of God

A Miracle in the Hand of God
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A Miracle in the Hand of God
by Therese Sapone

A Miracle in the Hand of God is the uplifting autobiography of Therese Sapone, whose life is a testament to the saying, "With God all things are possible." Although not being formally introduced to Christ until later in life, she always seemed to be in service to others. Sapone embodied this spirit through her travels in various cultures, finally settling in the United States. It is her hope that by sharing her life stories, others will be drawn to Christ.

She refers to herself as an "off-the-top-of-my-head-writer," but she is a natural storyteller, which is reflected in her writing.

About the Author

Born in Holland and raised in Germany during Hitler's reign, she and her family endured the bombings and survived to be liberated by the English and Americans. She later met and married an American serviceman, against her family's wishes, and went on to live in various countries and parts of the United States, currently residing in Florida.

She came to the US speaking very little English and held many diverse jobs. Sapone later incorporated her love of service and singing to become the owner of an exercise salon, where she created exercise routines to music to help women to get healthier. To quote the author, "I am a sojourner just passing through helping people to feel better about themselves and leaving a place better than I found it." To this end, she volunteered to aid with the revitalization of quaint areas in which she has lived. In her most recent mission, she started a music ministry, singing for shut-ins and the sick.Always giving to others through various charities, she feels blessed by God to have survived some difficult times in her life and been given the strength to continue on and live a rewarding life.

(2014, Paperback, 164 pages)


A Miracle in the Hand of God E-Book
A Miracle in the Hand of God E-Book

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