My Weird Life: After The Govie-ee

My Weird Life: After The Govie-ee
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The Govie-ee: My Hell of a Life
by Jeff M. Maritz

Once removed by welfare from their abhorrent family, Mike, his brother Steve, and sister Elise find themselves locked up in Govie-ee, the infamous reform school in South Africa.

It didnít take long for them to realize that Govie-ee was nothing but another hellish episode in their young lives. They were rescued by an aunt, but not before living through the abundant horrors of the place. Aunt Carolineís is not exactly paradise, but it offered enough comfort for them to resume their lives with some semblance of normality. Indeed, Mike would have much to say about his auntís family, especially that part about his cousin, Tina.

Mikeís own household, Aunt Carolineís family, the Govie-ee, and even Army life become fertile grounds for extreme experiences, and Mike details most of them in this installment.

About the Author:

After finishing Standard 8 education, Zambia-born Jeff M. Maritz enlisted in the South African Army and went on a series of successful tours of duty throughout the African continent. After the events described in this book, he settled in Singapore, where he is currently living. He is fifty-seven years old.

(2014, Paperback, 240 pages)


My Weird Life: After The Govie-ee [E-BOOK]
My Weird Life: After The Govie-ee [E-BOOK]

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