Nature, Sea - and Memories

Nature, Sea - and Memories
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Nature, Sea - and Memories
by Tedi

Aside from the usual sad tale of seasonal endings and beginnings, Tedi’s Nature, Sea—and Memories, puts the spotlight on a number of human failings in the ecosystem front, especially in endangering animal and plant species, to the point of pushing a number of them to extinction.

Some, indeed, suffer an appalling fate, as the ocelot in short poem, but we are also introduced to lesser-known animals, like the Tarpan horse, the last of its kind seen just recently; and how futile our feeble attempts are to bring them back through selective breeding.

Tedi, however, does not dwell on these negative developments. As she herself points out, human failings may be compared to lapses in baseball or an intricate dance pattern: eventually, we as human beings could overcome them—or make that should.

About the Author

Tedi was born in New York but now lives in New Jersey, where she enjoys tutoring her peers and participating in a recycling club. Inspired by her fondness for nature, she spends some of her time writing poetry to unveil the beauty of wild and “dangerous” animals as well as convey the “unexpressed feelings of nature.”

(2012, paperback, 54 pages)


Nature, Sea - and Memories (PDF)
Nature, Sea - and Memories (PDF)

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