Ninth Summer

Ninth Summer
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Ninth Summer
by Marjorie L. Anderson

This is a painful story of eight-year-old Clairie, the daughter of a doctor and his wife, in the summer of 1940. This couple is so intent on realizing their financial and social dreams that they fail to address the emotional needs of Clairie and her eleven-year-old sister, Dorine.

While Dorine feels at home in the Edgewood Baptist Church, Clairie has only Clarence—a scruffy stuffed bear who comforts and advises her—and a troop of fairies who lure her into fantasy when reality gets too close.

A trio of senior citizens takes Clairie into their hearts, recognizes her pain, and tries to save her from the burden of a secret guilt from events over which she had no control. The Long Dark Shadow haunts her nights and will destroy her life if they cannot help her resolve the guilt she carries.

About the Author

Marjorie L. Anderson is a lifelong native of Oklahoma and retired language arts teacher from the Hennessey Public Schools. She is a widow with three adult sons, and for seven years, she authored a weekly column in The Hennessey Clipper entitled “I Can’t Believe I Said That.” Marjorie currently authors a weekly column for The Edmond Sun entitled “As I See It.”

Ms. Anderson is a member of First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ); Edmond Newcomer’s Club; Challenged Pens; Thursday’s Child; Oklahoma Federation of Writers, Inc.; and The Kitchen Bridge Ladies.

(2010, paperback, 234 pages)


Ninth Summer (PDF ebook)
Ninth Summer (PDF ebook)

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Ninth Summer [E-Pub Version]
Ninth Summer [E-Pub Version]

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