Nubecita Clara y Oscar

Nubecita Clara y Oscar
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Nubecita Clara y Oscar
by Aixa E. Rivera Cintrón

Two lessons taught in the fable of Nubecita Clara y Oscar are both the power of friendship and of forgiveness. It's easy to do good to someone who deserves it or treats you with respect. However, in the story, Clara chose to befriend someone who did not deserve her friendship and was there for them when they needed her most. Not everyone is willing to do this, but it’s something we should all strive to do.

The power of forgiveness calms and frees the souls of those who grant it. It also redeems those who receive this virtue. In the fable, the clouds did not want to make it rain because of old grudges held against the animals. In spite of this, Clara acts for the good of those who offended her and her family, providing water for the animals to live. Not only does the fable of Nubecita Clara y Oscar exemplify lessons of forgiveness, it also shows how the water cycle takes place in a fun, different way.

About the Author

Aixa Edith Rivera Cintrón was born in Manhattan, New York City on November 18, 1965. She is married to Julio Ortiz and is a mother of two sons, Ivan and Ruben Ortiz, the light of her eyes. She lives with her family in Yabucoa, Puerto Rico. She is currently completing her doctoral studies in Instructional Technology in Education Distance (ITDE) from Nova Southeastern University and works as a computer teacher in a private elementary school located in the southeast region of the Island. She also serves as a youth group counselor for her church. Motivated and inspired by God, she began to write children’s stories that focus on the importance of values. These stories exemplify admirable qualities such as love, forgiveness, friendship, courage, respect and many more.

(2012, paperback, 24 pages)


Aixa Edith Rivera Cintrón, fue nacida en Nueva York, el 18 de noviembre del 1965. Es esposa de Julio Ortiz y madre de dos jóvenes que son la luz de sus ojos, Iván G. Ortiz y Rubén E. Ortiz. Actualmente vive en Yabucoa, Puerto Rico y cursa sus estudios doctorales en el área de ITDE (Tecnología Instruccional en la Educación a Distancia) en la Nova Southeastern University. Hoy día se desempeña como facilitadora en el área de informática en la escuela donde trabaja. Motivada e inspirada por Dios, comienza a escribir cuentos infantiles relacionados con los valores. Hasta hoy, ha escrito una serie compuesta por 8 cuentos, relacionados con los temas: amor, perdón, amistad, valor y respeto, entre otros.

Nubecita, Clara y Oscar son dos personajes en la fábula que nos enseñan lo valioso que es el poder del perdón y el verdadero significado de la amistad.


Nubecita Clara y Oscar  (PDF)
Nubecita Clara y Oscar (PDF)

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