Our House on the Hill: Jadwiga’s Memoirs

Our House on the Hill: Jadwiga’s Memoirs
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Our House on the Hill: Jadwiga’s Memoirs
by Jadwiga Radon

“We had a little house not on the prairie, but on the hill….”

It was a home nestled in the heart of a paradise, far from the echoes of the Second World War, but not far enough for the people to suffer from its effects. It was in this home where Jadwiga Radon’s earliest memories were made—memories of a simple life, of love shared within her family, and of the hardships faced and overcome through the years.

Motivated by her desire to share her life’s colorful story and pass it down to her grandchildren, Jadwiga Radon walks down the memory lane and retraces her roots back in South Poland where the house on the hill once stood, as well as her journey to the United States of America, where she found he second home.

About the Author

Jadwiga Radon, author of John Paul II book, is a Polish-American. She lives in the USA, but is still connected to her Polish roots. A retired teacher, she is a great life-observer; she is interested particularly in history and politics. Born and raised in a communist regime, she wrote about her life in this story. All episodes are facts from her childhood and adult life.

(2014, Paperback, 50 pages)


Our House on the Hill: Jadwiga’s Memoirs (eBook)
Our House on the Hill: Jadwiga’s Memoirs (eBook)

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