Our Little Family "Trouble"

Our Little Family "Trouble"
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Our Little Family “Trouble”
by Barbara L. Davis Preslock

Our Little Family “Trouble” is a true story about a family trying to cope when one of its beloved family members is arrested. Due to a bizarre set of circumstances their son, a practicing Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, finds himself far from his Florida home, in a New York prison. This story chronicles the family’s internal struggles and overall well-being, as well as the physical impediments they experienced brought on through the Courts and state legal system. Yet with all this turmoil happening, the author quickly notes the many angels present who helped, and are still helping, the family through their difficult times. Although this story is not fully complete, the events that are laid out on these pages will tug on any reader’s heart strings and show how perseverant the love of families can be.

About the Author

Barbara L. Davis Preslock has been married for twenty-five years to her loving husband, and has two children as well as one granddaughter. She attended Marjorie Webster Junior College in 1969 earning a degree in Secretarial Sciences, and then graduated from Jacksonville Business College for Court Reporting/Stenotype Machine in 1970. Barbara worked as a Court Reporter for forty years, and has been a resident of New Port Richey, Florida for twenty-three years. She is a member of the All Saints Episcopal Church, Pasco County Pediatric Foundation, Daughters of the American Revolution, P.E.O., and United Way. In her spare time Barbara likes to sing, play tennis, and go on family vacations. This is Barbara’s first published novel.

(2011, paperback, 66 pages)


Our Little Family "Trouble" (ePub)
Our Little Family "Trouble" (ePub)

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Our Little Family "Trouble" (PDF)
Our Little Family "Trouble" (PDF)

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