Peeling Onions

Peeling Onions
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Peeling Onions
by Sheri Miller

Peeling Onions is a memoir about a womanís journey of self-discovery after the revelation she had at forty, which revealed she was adopted. Sheri Millerís difficult and emotional quest of tracking down and meeting her new family spanned the globe, from the mountains of North Carolina to Tehran, Iran.

This book demonstrates the positive that can come from something that appears to be negative at first glance. It also illustrates the harm of lies and denial of the truth.

About the Author

Sheri Miller resides in Hunt Valley, Maryland with her husband and two sons. She enjoys tennis, football, party planning and traveling with her family.

(2014, Paperback, 28 pages)


Peeling Onions [E-Book]
Peeling Onions [E-Book]

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