Poems, Writings, and Lyrical Tales

Poems, Writings, and Lyrical Tales
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Poems, Writings, and Lyrical Tales
by Jo’el

Jo’el’s Poems, Writings, and Lyrical Tales is a refuge from the now and everyday monotonous routines that make our life hard. These are songs of the soul that release the beauty of the world. Within these pages are poems that sing of the beauty that often goes unnoticed in the world around us. Tales and poems explore the sentiment of the beauty present in everything ranging from personal accounts and relationships, to the depth of the cosmos.

About the Author:

Jo’el was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas. He is happily married with three children. He still lives in Texas, but loves to travel as often as life allows. In particular, he loves to visit historic and tropical locales, or anywhere near a body of water. Jo’el enjoys the serenity of nature, wide open places, and parks—both national and local. He and his family have been blessed to be able to travel frequently and experience many beautiful and different cultures.

(2017, Paperback, 46 pages)


Poems, Writings, and Lyrical Tales [EBOOK]
Poems, Writings, and Lyrical Tales [EBOOK]

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