Reality Call: Jesus Is Alive

Reality Call: Jesus Is Alive
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Reality Call: Jesus is Alive
by Ana Pantoja Cahill

One day, when Ana Pantoja Cahill is working at a hair salon, she suddenly hears the voice of God. She is transported out of her body and taken to what appears to be heaven. She is then awarded the presence of the Lord Jesus, who greets her with love and mercy. After sharing his message, the Lord releases Ana back to Earth to return to her mortal life. Will Ana share this new message with the world?

Reality Call is proof that we can see the face of the Lord and believe.

About the Author

Ana Pantoja Cahill is from Louisville, Kentucky. Born in Lima, Peru, she became a United States citizen in 2003. She is a self-employed hair stylist; the story told in the book recalls events directly related to the actual experience that day. She is married and has nine children.

(2012, paperback, 32 pages)


Reality Call: Jesus Is Alive (PDF)
Reality Call: Jesus Is Alive (PDF)

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