The Silent Cry of a Child

The Silent Cry of a Child
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The Silent Cry of a Child
by Tracy Ann Goss

For victims of extreme forms of domestic abuse, few can claim to have emerged truly triumphant and clear of its lifelong traumatic effects. On the other hand, just the fact of surviving is a miracle in itself.

In The Silent Cry of a Child by Tracy Ann Goss, we endure with the author as she winds through the gruesome hell of her life, from childhood to well into her adult life. All the devil’s torture formulae are there: rape, incest, severe beating, molestation, mental anguish—all from the hands of the person who was supposed to protect her against those.

All the violence of her early life is past her now, but like the muted forest that hid the evil of the father, there was just too much of it to hold and keep silent in her heart.

About the Author

Tracy Ann Goss was born in Michigan but spent most of her life in Arkansas. She started working at a very young age to provide for her family—she was not able to graduate from high school due to this, as well as her father’s abuse. A single mother of five children, she currently works as a store manager at a flea market in Paragould, Arkansas, where she also lives.

(2012, paperback, 40 pages)


The Silent Cry of a Child (PDF)
The Silent Cry of a Child (PDF)

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