Sir Nicholas: A Child's Adventure

Sir Nicholas: A Child's Adventure
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Sir Nicholas: A Child's Adventure
by Jackie E. Vaughn

Once upon a time, in a land long since forgotten, there lived a special young boy named Nicholas. But Nicholas was lonely, and his beautiful mother, Lady Allison, seemed sad most of the time. That is until they meet Sir Jeffrey, a true knight in shining armor who befriends Nicholas and his mother in their time of need. Sir Jeffrey takes good care of them until they are able to return home again. Unfortunately, the troubles of Lady Allison do not end upon their return. Can Sir Jeffrey save her again from the evil Sir Badfellow? Will Nicholas and his new animal friends save the day? Read Sir Nicholas, a fantasy adventure that deals with issues such as domestic concerns, sacrifice, and the joy of true friendship, to find out.

About the Author

Jackie E. Vaughn wrote Sir Nicholas for her grandson, who loves to hear stories from his grandmotherís imagination. Having attended Atlantic Christian College and Wilson Technical College, she is a certified hearing instrument specialist in North Carolina and Virginia. Jackie and her husband Raymond live in Wilson, North Carolina, and they have two children: Lynn and Jeff. In her community, Jackie is a member of the Business and Professional Womenís Club. In addition to writing, Jackie enjoys gardening, swimming, and dancing. Her time and interests also lie in Miss America contests, the Theater of Performing Arts, abused children, and St. Judeís Hospital. Sir Nicholas is her first published book.

(2010, paperback, 50 pages)


Sir Nicholas: A Child's Adventure (e-book)
Sir Nicholas: A Child's Adventure (e-book)

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