Spiritual Mind Dynamics: (Successful Living)

Spiritual Mind Dynamics: (Successful Living)
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Spiritual Mind Dynamics: (Successful Living)
by Robert Stultz Williams Jr.

The notion of successful living is not infrequently perceived as the amassment or heaping up of material stuff though this is within the domain of possibility but contingent on one’s frame of reference. Proverbs 10, a fraction of Wisdom Literature, summons our attention to the sober truth that: the blessing of the Lord makes a person rich, and he adds no sorrow with it. In other terms, your desire to be prosperous, wealthy and successful is good, honest and principled providing that your resolve is established on transcendent verities, and that the notion of utility remains the dominant thought force respecting our incumbency to bless. The seven essays, herein, are designed to assist and encourage the reader in the day to day process of successful living; that Spirit is responsive to our call as we acquire knowledge, regarding our response to Him, of the dynamics and enterprising elements of the objective and subjective minds.

About the Author:

Robert Stultz Williams Jr. was born in White Plains, NY though reared in Newburgh, NY and graduated from that City’s school system. He attended Shaw University and graduated with A B.A. Degree in Philosophy and Religion. His graduate studies were achieved at Princeton Theological Seminary earning the M.Div. and the Th.M. He served in the U.S. Army Chaplaincy, and in the NY State Department of Correctional Services as a certified Chaplain retiring after twenty-four years. During that time he also served as pastor of two congregations. Rev. Williams celebrates forty-five years in the Clerical Order.

(2015, Paperback, 126 pages)


[E-BOOK] Spiritual Mind Dynamics: (Successful Living)
[E-BOOK] Spiritual Mind Dynamics: (Successful Living)

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