Squirrels 4 Hire

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Squirrels 4 Hire
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Squirrels 4 Hire
by Cathy Allseits

Squirrels 4 Hire is a funny, action-packed comedy about the adventures of one silly squirrel community. The antics of characters like Mr. Shifty, Miss Nosy, Mr. Smartypants and Mrs. Changeshermind teach lessons about family, teamwork, and wildlife, but look out for trouble There are dangerous varmints on the loose, and it will take the whole community of squirrels to survive the challenges they will face.

About the Author:

Cathy Allseits wanted to be a writer since she was a teenager. After working for a corporation in California for fourteen years, her passion ultimately drove her to quit her job and move to Italy where she bought a farm so she could follow her dream. Today, she uses events from her work on the farm as inspiration for her writing.

Cathy conceived of the storyline for Squirrels 4 Hire one day while harvesting walnuts and noticing how many empty shells the squirrels had left behind.

(2016, Paperback, 102 pages)