Survival in the Canadian Wilderness

Survival in the Canadian Wilderness
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Survival in the Canadian Wilderness
by Vern D. Seefeldt, Ph.D.

Determined to find riches in the Canadian fur trade, Barney accepted an unknown partner, Louie Harris, to assist him as a homesteader in the wilderness of 1925 British Columbia. The two men experienced great success on the trapline, despite the unforeseen challenges brought about by a severe winter of deep snow, bone-chilling temperatures, and risk-taking behavior attributable to both men. Louie’s disappearance, with only three days remaining in the trapping season, turned a great adventure into an outright disaster.

Frustrated by the unwillingness of local authorities to accept Louie’s disappearance as an involuntary act, Barney tried numerous times during the ensuing years to locate his missing partner, but Harris was never seen or heard from again.

Barney Seefeldt died on December 14, 1973, in Grover Township, northeastern Wisconsin, without ever again visiting the site of his Canadian homestead. Survival in the Canadian Wilderness: The Legend of Louie Harris is a fictionalized explanation of what may have become of the enigmatic Louie Harris.

About the Author:

Sylvia Bruce describes herself as an uneducated hillbilly from Arkansas, though she lives in Oklahoma with her two children. Twice widowed, she attributes all she has in this world to God and His goodness, which allows her to spend her retirement visiting senior citizens in nursing homes and advocating for those with mental illness or struggling with addiction. Bruce and her children love their church and embrace God as the center of their universe.

(2017, Paperback, 186 pages)


Survival in the Canadian Wilderness [EBOOK]
Survival in the Canadian Wilderness [EBOOK]

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