The Price of Freedom

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The Price of Freedom
by Annamaria Pataki Many people living under Communist regimes in the middle part of the twentieth century dreamed of a better life in the Western world. Leslie Vass was one such person. Although he had a relatively comfortable life in Romania with loving parents, a beautiful wife, and a baby on the way, he felt certain that a better life was waiting for them outside of his countrys confining borders. Thus he made plans to sneak out of the country and travel to America unbeknownst to anyone, not even his family. But immigration does not always provide the hope for paradise. The decades following Leslies big move bring much struggle and heartache to him and his extended family. He is very lonely in his new home and fears that his decision has cost him everything. He is thrilled with the liberty of his new life, but at what price has he gained this freedom? ABOUT THE AUTHOR Annamaria Pataki is herself an immigrant from Romania. She is now a U.S. citizen living in Connecticut. She is married and has two children and one grandchild. Although The Price of Freedom is a work of fiction, it was inspired by the many real people who have fought the system of the Communist regimes and risked everything to achieve their dreams. (2008, paperback, 164 pages)