Through the Garden of My Heart

Through the Garden of My Heart
Item# 978-0-8059-7184-2

by Janet Santiago-Samuel

Through the Garden of My Heart presents a beautiful collection of poetry that reflects on life’s joys and brings hope and light to those who read it. Janet Santiago-Samuel’s eloquent language will inspire you to live your life more fully. In selections such as “Hold onto the impossible,” she shares her optimism:

To believe is to extend yourself
beyond the capabilities of the mind
and stretch out into the universe, and
hold onto the impossible…

The influence of God’s love is also highlighted throughout the work, as Janet Santiago-Samuel illustrates what a powerful force faith can be. In “There is no greater love,” she says, “In all my soul and in all that I have ever learned, the one thing that I have loved to learn was God’s plan in my life.”

This delightful collection of verse will warm your heart and inspire your soul.


Janet Santiago-Samuel, holding a master’s degree in theology and Christian counseling, is a sensitive, special person whose poems bring life, love, and laughter from her heart to yours.

(2006, paperback, 76 pages)


Through the Garden of My Heart [E-book edition]
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