Turning the Page

Turning the Page
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Turning the Page
by John Ratliff

It's as if time, Had forgotten itself, And in fun turned its hands too fast.

And left me here, With only memories, Just visions of a distant past.

Yet every night, As I sleep, A light begins to twinkle and gleam.

And for a while, I'm back again, If only in my dreams.

This inspirational book of poetry by John D. Ratliff explores the things that drive, inspire, and move us from our experiences to our dreams. It is an expression of our daily lives, page by page, day by day.

About the Author:

John D. Ratliff was born in a small town in eastern Kentucky. He attended Alice Lloyd College, then joined the U.S. Army. He then married and had two children.

Aside from writing, John also enjoys gardening and game fishing. He and his wife, Jennifer, gather berries yearly and make jelly and jam. John currently delivers mail with one of the local post offices while waiting for the next page to turn.

(2014, Paperback, 106 pages)


Turning the Page [EBOOK]
Turning the Page [EBOOK]

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