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by Norman D. Randolph Ph.D.

“Tyler” No Longer Undiscovered is a remarkable work of genealogical research tracing the Negro Tyler family ancestry back to England as indentured servants in the 1600s. Norman Randolph Ph.D. analyzes historical documents, ship manifests, and census records to discover the history of the Tyler family.

In this illuminating work, Dr. Randolph connects his ancestors to the Colonial history predating the founding of our nation, incorporating important family events into the timeline of the United States. Not only does this book discover the Tyler family, it inserts them into critical events, such as the first time Black Americans were listed on the census as citizens instead of property.

This near 400 years of documented family history is woven together in two volumes. While the book began as a passion for Dr. Randolph, it speaks to the great importance of genealogy as a way for us all to discover who we are.

About the Author:

Norman D. Randolph Ph.D., a retired educator and school administrator, has researched, lectured, and written books on youth, crime, and gangs since the 1980s. In 1994, Dr. Randolph wrote Gangs - Schools and Denial: A Study on the Emerging Reality of Gangs. He followed this with the 1996 Gangs: My Town and the Nation, which saw a second edition in 2000 that emphasized the critical role of school, neighbors, and law enforcement in community collaboration. His recent geneology work has taken a decade of research. Dr. Randolph lives in Pennsylvania.

(2017, Hardcover, 242 pages)


"Tyler" [EBOOK]
"Tyler" [EBOOK]

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