The Visionary America: The Beginning

The Visionary America: The Beginning
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The Visionary America
by Gene Gaapf

America is a special place. It has a great and complex history, but now, at this point in modern time, it may meet the same demise of other great and legendary societies of the past.

Will America go the way of Sodom and Gomorra? Or can this great nation reverse its fate by accepting God? On one hand is the fierce destruction at the hands of God. On the other, a renewal found only in the loving forgiveness of God and His Son. Which way will America turn?

About the Author:

Born in Iowa, Gene Gaapf now resides in Springfield, Illinois. After serving in Vietnam, Gaapf made a career driving semi trucks for 37 years until a back injury sent him into retirement. This allowed him to discover his love for writing.

Gaapf awoke one morning in 1996 with the ideas and thoughts that would become The Visionary America. He is now currently working on book seven of this series.

Gaapf is also a chef. He enjoys cooking and creating in the kitchen when he is not writing.

(2016, Paperback, 62 pages)


The Visionary America: The Beginning (e-book)
The Visionary America: The Beginning (e-book)

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