What It Took to Raise My Daughter

What It Took to Raise My Daughter
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What It Took to Raise My Daughter
by Sunshine Welch

In this candid autobiography, Ms. Welch shares some of the lessons learned as she worked to provide for herself and her daughter. After supporting herself and her daughter for several years as a dancer and a medical assistant, a string of circumstances led to the author confronting a period of homelessness and being forced to live separate from her daughter for a time. While she despaired at times, she continually sought to regain stability in order to maintain her relationship with her child. Though this direct and heartfelt account, Ms. Welch seeks to share what she has learned from her personal struggles and triumphs, and readers are certain to gain both empathy and encouragement as they share in her journey.

About the Author:

Sunshine Welch resides in Michigan, where she continues to enjoy writing, music, the outdoors, and spending time with friends. She lives with her three dogs and welcomes her daughter’s visits during college breaks. Most importantly, she greets each day with a determination to live life to the fullest and to have fun, remembering that we can never know what tomorrow might bring.

(2014, Paperback, 36 pages)


What It Took to Raise My Daughter [E-Book]
What It Took to Raise My Daughter [E-Book]

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